Aircraft Management

fly there aircraft fleet in chicago, il

First-Class Aircraft Management

Fly There offers aircraft management services to General Aviation (GA) pilots who do not want to lease back their aircraft for rental.  Currently managed aircraft include a Pilatus PC-12, TBM 700 C2, (2) T210’s, Columbia 400, Cirrus SR22, G36 and V35B Bonanza’s. These aircraft are privately owned and not available for rental. We’ve also have experience with the Malibu Mirage and Siai Marchetti.

MANAGED AIRCRAFT (Not available for rental)

landscape pilatus


TBM 700 C2

TBM 700 C2 (G600)

EFS USAF front cockpit EFS USAF rear


front view side view Cessna T210 Cockpit

Cessna T210

CESSNA T210’s (G500)

outside side wing Bonanza 90TM Cockpit

1976 V35B Bonanza

2015 G36 Bonanza

2015 G36 Bonanza (G1000)

Columbia 400

Columbia 400 (G1000)

Our aircraft management services will ensure that:

  1. • You receive discounts on hangar, fuel and insurance
  2. • All mandatory maintenance items are completed on time
  3. • Your aircraft remains clean
  4. • All fluids are topped off
  5. • Your avionics databases are kept current

When Fly There LLC manages your aircraft, it’s ready to fly when you arrive at the airport.  All you need do is pre-flight and go.  In addition, Fly There LLC-managed aircraft can be eligible for discounted fuel and hangar rental pricing.